waku waku shokuiku class

What is shokuiku?

“Shokuiku” is education and practice which we learn about eating habits beneficial for both, our health, and mind.
For example, to be able to choose the right ingredients for well balanced meal is very important because this will become the first step to live healthy life with rich energy.
To also know the food culture of the place you were born or raised, and to know the process of food production will become a good basis of better and healthier dietary.

Having meal is not only an activity to eat but it is an opportunity to communicate with people but it is also the place to learn the proper manner, to carry the food culture to the next generation, and to prevent diseases or to maintain good health.
We say “ltadakimasu” before we eat in Japan.
This is way of expressing our appreciation to “a life and food”.
And we say “Gochiso sama” when we finish the meal.
“Gochiso sama” expresses appreciation to many people who were involved until the meal gets prepared on the table, such as farmers, truck drivers, grocery store staffs, and cooks.

The purpose of “Shokuiku” is to enrich your life through healthier eating habits acknowledging nutritions of the food, ingredients of the meal, different food cultures, transportation of the food, and finally the appreciation to the life of nature.

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I participated as a lecturer to “Omusubi(rice ball) lesson”
for parents and children who lives in Los Angeles area in February, 2014.
We talked about process of making rice, how to cook good rice, and how to
make rice balls with grilled salmon and tuna/mayonnaise. Children who
participated the events were varied from 3 to 15 years old, including many
beginners of making rice balls.
There were approximately 120 participants through 2 days event.